What are the Highland Games?

For about a thousand years the Highland Games have a tradition of being played. Originally clan chieftains would gather their bravest and strongest warriors to perform feats of strength and skill. The games are often accompanied by music, dancing, and food.

Scottish Heavy Athletics Events

Braemar/Open Stone

Braemar is an event where you hold the stone to your neck and launch it from one place. Open Stone is the same thing as Braemar except for the fact that the stone you throw is lighter and you get to have forward momentum when you throw.

Hammer Throw

The Hammer Throw is an event where you grab a hammer (see the image to the left), swing the hammer around your head in an orbital motion, and throw it as far as you can.

Weight for Distance

Weight for Distance is an event where you grab a weight and throw it as far as you can, you can do it with forward momentum, or standing in place.

Weight Over Bar

Weight over Bar is an event where you stand under a bar and throw a weight over the bar.


Sheaf is the event where you grab a fork with 2 or 3 prongs and throw a simulated haybale over a bar.


Caber is the hardest, yet the simplest, event in the Highland Games, you grab a caber and flip it as accurately as you can. The caber is known for the “Caber’s Kiss”, where the caber rubs roughly against your neck.

How’d that feel?

-Anyone who watched you throw

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